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Is the right time for 'quick and easy' defensive styles?

23.july 2012 v 21:08 | Miroslav Čermák | comments: ( 0 ) | visited: 839 | mark: Warning: Division by zero in /www/shinten-blog.cz/shinten-blog.cz/engl/include/znamkaPocet.php on line 48 0
  The (Czech) teachers of Martial arts met for the third time in September 2011. The meeting is called Rentaikai and this is where attendees say ideas being in the interest of them and they want to talk them through. Others are free to say their thoughts and build the theme step by step. The ideas are usually formed at a place however these are coming from the experiences of an individual. I would like to go back to the idea of defensive systems.


Japanese earthquake - 11th March 2011

17.march 2012 v 08:53 | Luboš Pokorný | comments: ( 1 ) | visited: 1213 | mark: 1
It has been a year now since Japan experienced a major earthquake, tsunami and damage of a nuclear power plant, which made us all start thinking about our safety. At this point I find myself in the same place where I began living through the Japanese tragedy. Tomorrow it will have been a year since and so I decided to rewrite the notes on my feelings for you to remind everyone about what we were experiencing these days, even though every one of us differently.


The Heart Goshin Jutsu

14.march 2012 v 14:51 | Martin Žipaj | comments: ( 0 ) | visited: 919 | mark: Warning: Division by zero in /www/shinten-blog.cz/shinten-blog.cz/engl/include/znamkaPocet.php on line 48 0
I have been discussing the expression “Self-defense”, for many times already. There were various notions more or less specific in definitions of what self-defense really means. It mostly ended as a mere collection of physical techniques to beat others in order to avoid being beaten oneself. What a poor level of comprehension it is.


On Bujinkan Czech Dojo

30.januar 2012 v 07:02 | Martin Žipaj | comments: ( 0 ) | visited: 1288 | mark: Warning: Division by zero in /www/shinten-blog.cz/shinten-blog.cz/engl/include/znamkaPocet.php on line 48 0
What I want to express here is my personal view on the organization and on the teacher I have been living with for 20 years now and which and who I am very much thankful to despite any possible negatives and positives connected with them. Soke explained that buyu friendship (the one among martial arts practitioners) will be a valuable maxim for the future of Bujinkan as well as for the mankind.


Godan test (Sakki test)

28.januar 2012 v 00:52 | Luboš Pokorný | comments: ( 1 ) | visited: 3101 | mark: Warning: Division by zero in /www/shinten-blog.cz/shinten-blog.cz/engl/include/znamkaPocet.php on line 48 0
This year has brought confusion about Sakki test among the students and teachers. The reason for it was that some of the teachers asked Sóke for the permission to perform Sakki test at their seminars. Recently, Mark Lightgow has written an article on facebook in which he describes his feelings and his conversation with Sóke on current situation with Sakki test. I could not resist writing something in reaction to it. I meet with this personally and do not agree with it, even though I understand it and know that I cannot hinder the development and I cannot do anything about it. At least I can express my feelings and opinions about it and so reflect the era and maybe appeal to someone.

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