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Diet and lifestyle of a fighter

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Recently, my eyes fell on the Ten Chi Jin paragraph dealing with a fighter’s diet and lifestyle. I was surprised to see how much it agrees with my current experience.

Over a year ago I fundamentally changed my diet and lifestyle. I realized it was time for a change and that there was something wrong with the life I had lived so far. I felt weak, in poor shape and overweight. So I made a change step by step.

I changed especially my diet. There is a lot of food around us, however most of it "toxic". Full of chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Here, my experience is completely in harmony with the Ten Chi Jin.

The best way is to eat as fresh and unmodified foods as possible. This food has the biggest "power". Use minimal amounts or salt and sugar. Of course, try to avoid undesirable chemicals present in many foodstuffs. If the food is thermally treated, it should be done mainly by means of baking or cooking. Certainly not in a microwave oven or by frying. If possible, eat food of the best quality. Health is not worth saving. Food is the best and cheapest medicine!

Unlike Ten Chi Jin I would not recommend soy and tofu. Not because it is not good food, but unlike earlier times it is strongly genetically modified and you have no chance to see what they are buying. Wheat has also gone wrong in a similar way. Avoid wheat and you will see that your health will improve. It's my direct experience. I do not eat any bakery products and I only rarely eat pasta.

Your diet should be based on the possibilities and the history of your country. If you live in the middle of Europe, it is not possible to eat like the Japanese. Nor my ancestors would eat this way and I have inherited these predispositions from them. Use the "strength" of your country and your ancestors. Take medicines only when absolutely necessary. The present time is characterized by excessive use of pharmaceuticals, which subsequently gives rise to the deadly cycle of money and disease. Of course regarding medication it is necessary to consult with a "quality" doctor.

The second important point in a fighter's life is the physical condition. It is important to work on it from a young age. With age, the physical condition is more difficult to gain. Stretching and workout using just your body weight is recommended. Likewise, walking or running.

Do not forget quality sleep. It's better than yoga or any other energy stimulating exercise. Our nights are no longer as they used to be. All around us there is plenty of artificial light and noise.

Remember what it was like to sleep in the woods, where nothing can be seen or heard. The last physical exercise should be taken several hours before sleep; otherwise you will have problems falling asleep. The best way is to read a book before bedtime. Television and similar devices transmit signals to the brain and reduce the sleep quality. It is also good not to place any electronics in the room where you sleep.

The last point is a spiritual power. Have respect for people, nature, divine beings and keep calm and unwavering heart. Anger leads to perdition. Do not let anything/anyone to throw you off balance. Be strong and healthy!

Diet, physical strength, spiritual power and sleep must be balanced!


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