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I have been discussing the expression “Self-defense”, for many times already. There were various notions more or less specific in definitions of what self-defense really means. It mostly ended as a mere collection of physical techniques to beat others in order to avoid being beaten oneself. What a poor level of comprehension it is.

We indeed need to be protected from our own selves first. It is apparently necessary for us to get our own egoism under control and to arrive at a real realization of how poor the vision and insight of modern humans are. Isn´t it like that?

We are part of nature. It does absolutely not matter what we think about this fact. It is just as it is. What is self-defense then? Are we only physical creatures without anything else worth of protection? Perhaps we are.

During Lubos´s seminar when I trained with my friends I realized that the holistic view consisting of the whole complexity of hidden depths is almost forgotten in the current world. I realized the wise words of Takamatsu Sensei on self-defense or rather “self-protection”.

What we study in martial arts is self-protection of the martial artist´s heart. This heart can be understood as part of nature as a gift of gods given to us. We cannot create anything like the heart of human being. Do not limit yourself by physical form.  It is the soul of the martial artist which can be supported and grown up as well as destroyed.  In this way the art of destruction becomes a natural part of us. It may be a sort of safeguard incorporated by nature if need be.  The art of self protection is one of being aware that the good and the evil in their very nature constitute the same. That may explain the fact that protection of the heart is connected to life itself. As Hatsumi soke would say “All things are connected!”

In martial arts we learn to understand values which are mostly hidden (the heart likewise). Such divine gifts, given by gods to the mankind are determined for the survival of humans among humans or humans with humans. It is an endowment which we cannot create but can destroy it by the way we live our lives.  In martial arts we would say this is a matter of KAMAE – reflection of one´s heart through the position of one´s body and mind.

Self protection is ego-free. A zero mind. Mushin. It is nothing that includes everything. I wish that the martial artist´s heart be taken as something giving us the proof that the human´s way of life is one of survival meaning a way of peace. Neither weak nor strong, neither fast nor slow – this is the balance of nature. We most likely could not protect it to the very depth of its meaning without the real way of martial artists. We need real things. Like martial arts transmitted by our teachers. The word “real” here means a heart-to-heart touch and communication. Isn´t it real if we can feel it as clearly as seeing the bright sky?

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