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On Bujinkan Czech Dojo

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What I want to express here is my personal view on the organization and on the teacher I have been living with for 20 years now and which and who I am very much thankful to despite any possible negatives and positives connected with them. Soke explained that buyu friendship (the one among martial arts practitioners) will be a valuable maxim for the future of Bujinkan as well as for the mankind.


Since the very beginning, when Lubos started building up The Bujinkan Czech Dojo (BCD), I have been feeling this.  He was creating the “organization” based upon this idea from Soke however in the course of time the original “idea” perhaps got lost in the organization itself. For that reason, under current circumstances, I would like to remind us just of that “IDEA”!

Many students have misunderstood their teachers…. These students either left or just ceased to continue. The teacher, a good one, is in my perspective the one who in his/her genuine intentions is transmitting the teaching of the teacher even at the cost of a personal sacrifice…This is, from my point of view, also a part of the true martial artists friendship. They are not afraid to sacrifice themselves to help others or to transmit important messages.

BCD, although seen from the outside, is an absolutely sovereign organization. It is an organization “on the paper” only. We human beings, irrespective of where, are but human beings. Budo has many dimensions, not just one, the linear one, that on the paper.

I believe, that the idea of “buyu friendship”, which has always been an important part of BCD, and which Lubos always wished to keep not only for his country but also for abroad, will again enhance its power, because power, taste, sound and light of such friendship are the essence of survival and of happy moments in our future.



Since the abuse, anger, aggression, vulgarity or hate (the last being “antipathy”) are very natural and human; they need being respected….

I decided to take an “unpopular” step – not to enable comments to my articles. I performed it despite the fact that it is very popular and fashionable, and democratic in a way. The main reason the fact that the Internet according to my opinion is not the medium useful for human confrontation. It cannot comprehend invisible emotions and transfer them in a correct way further on as a kind of “interface” i.e. “something existing between faces”. In this sense it is very flat (no 3D, no 4D etc.).

Internet is, however, one of the most important places on which you can demonstrate freedom of manifestation in the best way. But it can also demonstrate in the best way the “anarchy” of freedom, or let´s say an absolute lack of control. For this reason I took the decision not to use all the advantages which are offered by the Internet as a media and consequently I will not take the freedom of developing many good points too. All of these are meant also paying respect to the overall situation. It also reflects my feeling the evolvement of the all society deliberation and way of thinking. Using this I apply my right of a free citizen the freedom of whom is valid to the extent delimitated by the laws e.i. by the rights and duties, by my own moral, responsibility and many other points. This is MY liberty, one of my own, which I do respect.

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