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Knife, Gun, Mind and Reality

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To begin, I would like to quote my teacher Soke Hatsumi Masaaki. “At the moment of actual combat, there is no great master or instructor or student. Castes disappear and only those survive who truly understand the meaning of Budo.”


The Original Idea of the Name Shinten (for the Blog)

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Originally, it was like this! Once, Soke was executing a certain technique on me, and during the movement, looking straight into my eyes he said to me: Shinten! (Shin Heart – Ten Sky) Shinten – as a technique or movement comes from the heart. And what is from the heart is joined with heaven.  


Honor, Pride, Dignity, Respect, Duty, Loyalty ...

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For some time lately I have had feelings in my head, which I would like to scream! Whenever the situation arises, I have many ideas about which I would like to talk to you. And then I think to myself that it is high time I wrote it. But now when I am finally holding the paper and pen in my hands, I cannot think of a single sentence. Just my mind full of feelings.


Being and Searching for Good People

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During my studies in Japan I meet with students from around the world. We get a chance to train together as partners. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other personally and study different movements, attitudes to studying, maturity, understanding and feelings of the attacker. This way we get an opportunity to have a personal training and to realize what a person is really like inside. If you watch well some students, you will find out that the movements of some of them look beautiful, defiant, strong, visually compelling. But once you have a chance to train with them and look inside of them, often you get surprised by how what looks strong from the outside is so weak inside. At such moments, not that I would like to belittle the students' personality, quite the contrary, I respect the students for what they are and I appreciate the experience and knowledge it offers me.  


Notes 2012

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  Throughout our lives we should keep the heart of the student and remain open to new experience. A training partner is the one on who I try what I study, and with who we both look for ways to understand the material, not someone who I give wise lectures and who I drag to go my way... When training it does not matter who has what degree. It has no significance whether your partner has a low or a high degree. The both of you should keep your mind open, be on the same level, and take everything as if it was for the first time.


Japanese earthquake - 11th March 2011

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It has been a year now since Japan experienced a major earthquake, tsunami and damage of a nuclear power plant, which made us all start thinking about our safety. At this point I find myself in the same place where I began living through the Japanese tragedy. Tomorrow it will have been a year since and so I decided to rewrite the notes on my feelings for you to remind everyone about what we were experiencing these days, even though every one of us differently.


Godan test (Sakki test)

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This year has brought confusion about Sakki test among the students and teachers. The reason for it was that some of the teachers asked Sóke for the permission to perform Sakki test at their seminars. Recently, Mark Lightgow has written an article on facebook in which he describes his feelings and his conversation with Sóke on current situation with Sakki test. I could not resist writing something in reaction to it. I meet with this personally and do not agree with it, even though I understand it and know that I cannot hinder the development and I cannot do anything about it. At least I can express my feelings and opinions about it and so reflect the era and maybe appeal to someone.

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