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The understanding to time

26. july 2012 v 21:09 | Kašpar Jan | comment: ( 0 ) | visited: 869 | mark: Warning: Division by zero in /www/shinten-blog.cz/shinten-blog.cz/engl/include/znamkaPocet.php on line 48 0
I am not writing about ‘time’ by chance. I was inspired to write this article by a question: "When will I learn Bujinkan?‘. This is the question which someone gave me during the training. Unfortunately, we It is said, that the life has been being speeded up. Sometimes, I think it was speeded by us, by people themselves. We work. The responsibility is demanded from us. We have also obligation as private as working. Thanks to this, the time gathers unpleasant appearance - stress. Does it reduce our life, which we can live and not 'just live'?

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